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The Boson the Bitch and the Boardroom

Dear All

Ho Ho Ho and a merry mad festive season to one and all. Just finishing off the year with an amusing little letter to those busy people at the Large Hadron Colider which has discovered or uncovered or found (not sure which) this new particle made up of a beauty quark and a beauty anti-quark!

My goodness are we talking mad fashion here or some hungry vegetarian scientist who made up the name whilst anticipating his nutricious and delicious lunch. Also the fact this particle is somewhat agitated┬áby its arrival on the discovery catwalk makes it all the more amusing. I do love scienctist’s banter, it is so abtract and delightful, and they always deadpan it in such a cool manner. Good poets, they would make, me thinks.

“The new particle is made up of a ‘beauty quark’ and a ‘beauty anti-quark’, which are then bound together, people have thought this more excited state should exist for years but nobody has managed to see it until now.”

The fact that it takes a nuclear force to hold this beauty and anti beauty together is very telling, in this age of goodies, baddies and us poor mortals inbetween.

yours excitedly



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Tsk! Tsk! Tut! Tut!

Dear Mr or Mrs Large supermarket that begins with a T

Please can you sort out your pricing.

I was buying coffee carefully deciding what size to buy, and the usual special offers were not on for my preferred brand, (which I will only say starts with a K), so I thought maybe I’ll get the eco style pouch that is supposed to be better as I can tip it into my own glass jar, saving the planet and a too heavy bag for me. But what did I find? the pouch version which is 50grams less than the bigger jar cost about 70p more!!!!! So whats up is this daft T**** protocol, or just a blatant selfish marketing ploy from K. They don’t really want to encourage recycling, they just want to use it as an alternative selling feature. Shame on you T and K.

Yours disappointedly


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