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More for four

Dear Channel four peeps

Thank you for a nice new logo it is lovely and spring like but subtley cute, it also looks very good in grayscale very silent movie of the moment theme thingy.

this is a link to it¬† and the company making it are called ManvsMachine who are very interesting too. I like the way it is being used in the little promo films in the flikry train timetable¬† flapping sign type way. It is also a bit like a shipping semaphore thingy too. It makes me want to do more branding design…. which is good…. and bad, good in that I love branding work, I think it is my fave graphic design thing next to advertising. Bad in the way I don’t have any real branding projects just now but I feel Karma will give me one soon.

yours artly

Soo…..artyparty…… pooh


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The Rooster the Rabbit and the Goat

Dear Eve

I promised you a post and here it is baby, complete with slideshow.

One day the Rooster the Rabbit and the Goat decided to go for a walk. They lived very near to a lovely park called the Meadows, so they decided to go there and walk into the city through the lovely tree-lined lanes, leading the three companions into the beautiful old spired city.

The Rooster was feeling a bit grumpy, and guilty, for she had been pecking at the Rabbit that very morning, giving the lovely fluffy little scamp a very hard time just because her room was untidy. The Rabbit was enjoying being out in the cool fresh air and started leaping about, whirling and jumping for joy. When the Rooster saw this, she stopped, and stood looking around her realising what a beautiful day it was, with the sun shining in the sky making the white frost, lying on the grassy meadow, glow like a beautiful pale green sea. She looked over to the Goat and smiled, he was standing still, watching the Rabbit as she leapt about kicking up her heels. After a while the Rabbit stopped her joyful bouncing and asked the Rooster to take a picture of her with the Goat, then she asked the Goat to take a picture of her with the Rooster, which they did. Then the three of them set off walking again into the lovely old city to look at some of their favorite things there, the book shop, the gallery and the coffee shop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are about to enter the year of the Water Dragon on January 23rd so here’s hoping its a good year and not too turbulent.

yours faithfully

The Rooster

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Awesome Christmas at Jenny & Richard’s


Christmas in london 2011, a set on Flickr.

A fantastic chaotic Christmas in London with the Miller clan!

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