More for four

Dear Channel four peeps

Thank you for a nice new logo it is lovely and spring like but subtley cute, it also looks very good in grayscale very silent movie of the moment theme thingy.

this is a link to it  and the company making it are called ManvsMachine who are very interesting too. I like the way it is being used in the little promo films in the flikry train timetable  flapping sign type way. It is also a bit like a shipping semaphore thingy too. It makes me want to do more branding design…. which is good…. and bad, good in that I love branding work, I think it is my fave graphic design thing next to advertising. Bad in the way I don’t have any real branding projects just now but I feel Karma will give me one soon.

yours artly

Soo…..artyparty…… pooh


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