Fish-head in Tollcross…strawberries in Bruntsfield.

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Dear Tollies (esteemed residents of Tollcross)

I was innocently going about my lunchtime business, foraging for sandwiches and rushing to the Post office, all the usual lunchtime scurriement, when I happened upon what I thought was a surrealist’s prank. There it was… a huge fish-head minus fish body, lying on the pavement looking for all the world like a Dennis the Menace set up. I actually looked around me for the snickering individual who had perpetrated this gory occurrence. No one seemed to be skulking nearby, in fact nobody else appeared to notice this object of of arch oddness, so of course I whipped out my trusty cybershot and documented the freaky vision. A day or so later I was given some lovely strawberries bought from a retail establishment on the very border between Tollcross and Bruntsfield and this lovely crop of fresh strawberries seemed to contrast completely the odd pescatory experience from only days before. They say the past is another country, well I think your neighbouring community is another country, perhaps sometimes another planet.

I love both Bruntsfield and Tollcross and I am very glad of the diverse delights that both areas offer me and countless others, but sometimes I feel like I have walked through an invisible stargate around about the bus stop at the Links.

Yours beammeupscottyish

Soo pooh


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