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Visual Indulgence

After reading an article about cyber mood boards/ visual tagging, I have investigated 2 websites that offer this service. The one I like best so far is not just because of the cute name but it seems to be more user friendly and looks better too.

The concept of this newish phenomenon appears to be aimed at anyone really but I do notice a lot of bridey types collecting hordes of bridey objects like rings and dresses, but maybe like Rachel in friends they are just ordinary girls who just obsess about these things anyway. The things I have been collecting are more arty architecturey stuff but you will see some consumerist guff in mine too. I have not had time to sort out my collections and at the moment have just got things listed under collections already named by the creator.

This is PINTEREST, which is a bit slower to pin stuff perhaps, but with effort comes quality, I have a feeling this is the more grown up version of visual tagging, it calls the sections you choose ‘boards’. inferring that perhaps designers and arty people use this whereas indulgy calls them ‘collections’.

Well  you can be sure that I will be doing quite a bit of this pinning activity(each site has a handy toolbar button to make it so easy to pin stuff), I have always wanted a huge pin board and now I think I might have 2 at once!

yours cyber pin in hand




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The art of being human

Dear Toby Whitehouse

Well done you have made the new series of being human funnier and more human than the last one. The thing that is good about this vampire, ghost, werewolf thingy is that they are all trying desperately to be human despite their otherness, so much more appealing than all the other vampire/horror stuff that swamps the media right now.  Hal the new hunk, replacing extremely annoying and oddly unfashionable Mitchell, is very much more appealing & interesting than the previous alpha male, and because he is not besotted with Annie (ghost), as Mitchell was, his role in the series is much more watchable.

If Being Human is an allegory of a crumbling society clinging to the desperate hope of remaining human in an inhumane world, I think Annie is sort of an allegory for the internet. She keeps everyone in the house at Honlulu heights connected to each other, (admittedly by making copious cups of tea and some severe nagging), and although she is a ghost and not solid matter she still has a strong physical presence and power over the people around her.

Being a human being is much harder than anyone thinks, it is so easy to rely on stimulants and rituals to keep us from going truly bonkers. Blood /alcohol, computer games/DIY, they all are things to keep the beast in us sated.

like Dustin Hoffman was told by his surrogate native American father in Little Big Man, it can take a whole lifetime to learn how to be a true human being.

In being human you never really know who your enemy is, the police force seems to be full of Vampires, the most evil of the current vampires being an up and coming solicitor CUTLER with political ambitions, who sounds suspiciously like Mark E Smith from The Fall. Unlike the usual dastardly villain he is all the more dangerous as he truly knows the power of Twitter and other similar social communication networks. Another thing I love are the guest characters that come in and out, like last week the teenage Adam and his middle aged, school mistress, girlfriend Yvonne (Selina Griffiths who’s mum in real life is Annette Crosbie from, ha ha! one foot in the grave), who was really a succubus!

All in all it makes for brilliant compulsive viewing and makes me look forward to Sunday evenings. I have linked another blog site to let you know who else is as hooked as I am.

telly sqwuaks

yours goulishly


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