Visual Indulgence

After reading an article about cyber mood boards/ visual tagging, I have investigated 2 websites that offer this service. The one I like best so far is not just because of the cute name but it seems to be more user friendly and looks better too.

The concept of this newish phenomenon appears to be aimed at anyone really but I do notice a lot of bridey types collecting hordes of bridey objects like rings and dresses, but maybe like Rachel in friends they are just ordinary girls who just obsess about these things anyway. The things I have been collecting are more arty architecturey stuff but you will see some consumerist guff in mine too. I have not had time to sort out my collections and at the moment have just got things listed under collections already named by the creator.

This is PINTEREST, which is a bit slower to pin stuff perhaps, but with effort comes quality, I have a feeling this is the more grown up version of visual tagging, it calls the sections you choose ‘boards’. inferring that perhaps designers and arty people use this whereas indulgy calls them ‘collections’.

Well  you can be sure that I will be doing quite a bit of this pinning activity(each site has a handy toolbar button to make it so easy to pin stuff), I have always wanted a huge pin board and now I think I might have 2 at once!

yours cyber pin in hand




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