Speaking to a good ghost about Flash (software not Gordon)

Dear Steve Jobs

I know you are dead but if there was any way of truly contacting you, this would be it, my blog created for purely altruistic reasons.

I have been wondering why the lovely ipad, (which I sadly do not posses yet), does not support Flash, and in your very clear letter ( please click here) on the apple site, I have been made completely aware of the reasoning behind it. Your sombre sane thoughts, and knowledge on the matter, reassured me of something that had been niggling at me for some time. I know that Acrobat is still a common tool for printers, and common for forms and e-booking on the web, but after reading this article about adobe I realise there has been a bit of a smokescreen with this product and everyone’s dependency on it, makes it the millstone around our designery necks in a way. As a Creative, or just as a visually orientated person, I of course use all the products in the ‘Adobe Suite of Creations’, anyone who loves photography as I do, would know that photoshop is the first ‘go to’ product in the Suite. However I am not sending this letter into the ether to discuss techno stuff that I should know, but do not have much passion for, I am sending it as simple acknowledgement of a man who really cared about people more than things and experience rather than cost. In the rather bleak and doom filled present, it is good to think about positive, supportive, creative and human pursuits in all areas of one’s life, that can be built upon for the collective futures that our children will inevitably inherit.

yours sincerely


The Flash



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