The Crucible… or… ‘how not to dress at the Levenson enquiry’

Dear Lord Jusice Levenson

So Rebecca…sorry Rebekahh..(witches name if you ask me even her outfit today was very crucibleish) Brooks had to explain to poor old David what lol meant!!, come on missy his wife was chief excec of a major firm responsible for trendying up an old brand, and your not telling me his kids haven’t long ago told him what lol meant, no it was prissy missy Brooks that enlightened him, and why the hell did she think he meant lots of love in the first place!!!

She certainly has all the old boys on her side and she knows how to work them best…apart from ex hubby Ross Kemp who she allegedly beat up, then when arrested nice old Rupert sent her a dress to the jail so she had something nice to go home in. Perhaps the Burlesque costume wasn’t appropriate for the nick!

Now her favoured attire is like something from Arthur Millers the Crucible with her pilgrimy collar and cuffs and black garb, does she think that we think, someone blessed with the worlds most active PR team at her beck and call (lol by the way), would not know exactly what to wear to work the room.

I find it very telling that the one recent Prime minister not to fall under her spell and be on texty terms with, was good old Gordon, he was not taken in by her guile and flattery. He could tell a real witch when he saw one.

Yours Hocus Pocusly



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