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The Tiredness will come out


I had an interesting chat with someone today about tirdness. I was describing to her, that, when I have a day off I feel more tired sometimes than during, or even at the end of, a work day. This is how she replied, “My mother always used to say the tiredness will come out of you”. We had a wee laugh about it and after finising our conversation, I left to walk into town. Walking through The Meadows, I began to mull this over in my mind and some images popped into my head. I imagined The Tiredness as a little nugget of concentrated stuff in the very pit of my gut, like a vacumn packed wee thing that was ready to burst out of me when immersed in the correct medium. A little airbag waiting to go off, a self inflating life raft that bursts into shape the minute it touches water, a concentrated capsule of washing liquid waiting to whoosh through gallons of water. Having a day off, or a little holiday creates just the right habitat for The Tiredness to be activated. Then once it has escaped it becomes a monstrous entity that engulfs you completely. Spring kind of has a way of making you feel a bit exhausted, it shouldn’t but it does. All that blossom bursting out. All the birds and insects squeaking, buzzing, flapping and scurrying. We emerge from winter wanting sweetness and warmth, but instead we get busy-ness and bonkers behaviour. Everything is rushing out of itself, and into the fresh air. Escaping like trapped wind, with lots of noise and bluster. I do like spring, I do, but it does sometimes make, the Tiredness come out of me leaving me somewhat inert.



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